English, Maths and Science Tuition Birmingham

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21st August, 2013
English and Maths Tuition Website

Double helpings of school dinners?
We’ve recently completed not one but two educational based websites. Studley High School and also The English Maths and Science Tuition and Examination Centre based in Birmingham.

The English Maths and Science Tuition and Examination Centre (EMSTEC) website presents students with all of the information they need when considering or completing studies or examinations.

The centre provides tuition and examinations for both children and adults including GCSE, A Levels, 11+, Key Stage Tuition and many more. Students or parents of students can find out what’s available, apply and pay online or make contact with one of the three Birmingham based centres for more information or to enrol.

The website also features resources, downloadable documents and links to other external websites offering useful learning resources.

English, Maths and Science Tuition Birmingham

The main objective for this site was to recreate the existing EMSTEC website, with all of it’s considerable content and to improve it’s navigation and appearance. The aim was to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need whilst being mindful of working to maintain it’s position in the Google search results.

We refreshed and recreated branding, simplified information, introduced use of contextual menus, colour coding, use of high quality stock images. Consistent use of graphics, fonts, styles and backgrounds have all worked well to improve the design and appearance of the site. We’ve also included a rotating image on the homepage to give the site a dynamic element incorporating accompanying HTML text containing key words and phrases for SEO.

Content has been organised using colour coding and image association, horizontal and vertical menus, contextual menus, navigation via images and graphics, on-page panels and footer links. The re-organisation means that information is accessible, where you’d expect to see it, intuitive and all bottom level and more detailed information for your area of interest is a maximum of two clicks away and often available at just one click. Pages contain a clear ‘call to action’ encouraging students to sign up, make payment or get in touch.

English, Maths and Science Tuition Birmingham

Site functionality includes the ability for the website owner to make updates themselves. This is a content managed website produced using WordPress which has excellent SEO capability. Text and images can be edited and new content added at any time meaning the site is fully expandable. New course information, dates and prices can be kept up to date independently without having to call in the web designers!

A secure online contact form and a further student application form are available for contacting the tuition and examination centres. The website also features PayPal buttons which makes it possible for course fees and examination entry fees to be paid online using debit or credit cards or a PayPal account with the transaction being completed in a secure environment by PayPal.

The News Section can be kept updated with news items and announcements.

A well constructed website of considerable size, containing high quality relevant and unique content which is well maintained and regularly updated will tick lots of boxes with both visiting students/prospective students and also with Google. It’s predecessor was performing well on Google and we feel sure that the new website, with such a lot going for it, will recover from any initial setbacks in ranking very quickly. As a precaution we have set up re-directs so visitors encountering indexed pages of the old version of the site will be safely transported to the swanky new version immediately.

English, Maths and Science Tuition Birmingham