Writer Katy Regan’s New Online Home!

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9th March, 2023

Katy Regan was looking for a new website where she could share her adventures in the world of writing and publishing…

Katy Regan is the author of five novels, and two non-fiction, self-help books. Her career has included work as a reporter for a local newspaper, writing features for glossy magazines, becoming Features Editor, then Commissioning Editor for Marie-Claire Magazine, and writing a popular column, ‘and then there were three’. Her first book was published in 2008 by Harper Collins. Katy is currently working on her sixth novel, and alongside writing fiction, she works as a freelance journalist and has written for many national newspapers and magazines.

Katy’s new website www.katyregan.com is clean, welcoming, and on-message. It features her book jackets, blurb, and reviews from readers, professional publications, and peers. It also includes a warm introduction, background information about Katy, advice, and insight into her writing strategies.

Writer Katy Regan's New Online Home!

The News section of the website features news, events, and book festivals. The website can be used in conjunction with the many social media channels that Katy uses to connect with her audience, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A secure online contact form and Katy’s email address make it easy to get in touch. The website header includes links to Katy’s social media pages.

The website is completely expandable. Katy can add news items at any time and new books can be added as they complete.

The website has been developed in WordPress which is a content-managed system, which means Katy can add news items independently, although we are always on hand to make updates on her behalf. The website is a responsive design which means it can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets. The responsive design means it detects the type of device being used to access it and displays it accordingly.

All website content was provided by Katy, from her expert pen! Colours, themes, and backgrounds were chosen to complement her book jackets.

Secure SSL Web Hosting provided by Pedleyonline.

It has been a real pleasure working with Katy and we look forward to helping her with any future development of her website.