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Blogging is not only a fabulous way to connect with your customers and share information and news, it’s also a great way to add new content to your site which will contribute towards accelerating your SEO rankings and website traffic.

In our opinion, blogging is one of the secret weapons of any SEO campaign (not so secret now!) Blogs are great for SEO and we can help you get the most from your blog from web optimisation to link building.

Regular blog posts will see the size of your site increase over time providing more opportunity for well optimised text which is rich in keywords and internal contextual links. New content keeps your site fresh which will increase crawl rates and see your pages indexed more quickly.

From your customer’s point of view blog articles, whilst informative, are easily consumed as they are generally fairly informal in style. By posting articles on your blog that are informative and useful you will establish yourself as an authority within your market. When they are ready to buy they will naturally buy from the company that helped educate them.

If you have a website already it’s almost certainly possible to add a blog to your existing website.

Generally blogs are displayed with posts in chronological order with the newest post displayed at the top of the page. It’s also possible to put an extract of your latest blog entry on the homepage.

The best types of articles for your blog are tips, how-to guides and instructions. Always write for your readers and you cant go wrong.

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