Can my E-commerce shop include a Terms and Conditions page?

Most websites include a Terms and Conditions page. Terms and Conditions are effectively a contract between your website and its Users, and they are important to maintain your rights and protect your business.

We will ask you to provide us with a copy of your Terms and Conditions whilst we are in the process of preparing for and developing your website. You may be tempted to copy the Terms and Conditions from another website, please ensure that you thoroughly review and revise them to ensure they are appropriate for your business.

We often include links to ancillary pages such a Terms and Conditions in a discrete location, such as the website footer. This is generally where people expect to find them and therefore it’s where they will look if they want to find them. Alternatively, you could include them as a pop-up. Personally, We find this type of functionality rather irritating, however, we will implement it if you pay us to! It is also possible to include a link to the Terms and Conditions at the point of check-out with a check box to complete to confirm they have been read and understood.

Bespoke functionality such a pop-up or a check box may require the licence of a plug-in or module which could incur either a one-off or recurring licence fee.

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