Can my E-commerce shop include a Delivery Policy?

A Delivery Policy or Shipping Policy is a good idea for an online shop, particularly where goods are dispatched to a customer but also in the delivery of a service.
A Delivery or Shipping Policy can be included on the website as a standalone page or form part of your Terms and Conditions. We often include links to ancillary pages such a Shipping Policy in a discrete location, such as the website footer.

We will ask you to provide us with a copy of your Shipping Policy whilst we are in the process of preparing for and developing your website. If you are struggling to write a Shipping Policy, please ask us for help. We can provide ideas and examples which may help you.

A Shipping Policy may include information such as dispatch times, carrier options such as standard post, expedited delivery, insurance options, delivery timescales, locations we ship to, shipping prices, and thresholds.

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