WooCommerce does offer functionality to enable your customer to sort products. This is optional functionality. Default options let you sort by popularity, average rating, latest, price: low to high, and price: high to low.

WooCommerce does offer functionality to enable your customer to filter products. This is optional functionality. The option to filter is generally more beneficial for large size shops that have many products. For most small/medium size shops, products can be organised effectively using departments, and product categories

It is possible to operate two pricing structures, for example, one price for retail customers and one for trade customers. The trade prices can be hidden from retail customers. Trade customers will access trade prices with a log-in.

If you would like to implement more than one pricing structure please make us aware of this at the enquiry stage of your project.

It is possible for your customers to perform a search of your online shop, its products, and content. The customer will simply enter a relevant keyword, a search will be performed, and all the results displayed quickly. This means your customers can get to appropriate content fast!

WooCommerce can offer customers the ability to select a few products and make a product comparison. This is advanced shop functionality which is achieved with the use of a WooCommerce plugin. If you would like to include this functionality please make us aware as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible for your online shop to feature goods for pre-order.

An Online Booking Calendar can be included on your website. This can include fixed duration time slots, specified unavailable times such as weekends, evenings, or bank holidays. Each time slot can allow a specified number of delegates or bookings. All rules will be determined as part of the set-up and implementation of the booking system.

An Online Booking Calendar is bespoke functionality that will require the use of a plug-in or module which is likely to incur a recurring licence fee. It will also require set-up, implementation, integration, and styling.

If you are considering including an Online Booking System on your website, please make us aware at the enquiry stage so we can discuss your requirements and provide you with costings.

It is possible to link to an external website that includes a booking system. Depending on the system you choose this may involve a block of code to allow bookings to be made within the site via an iframe, or in some cases involve the website visitor leaving your website. In these cases, it may be worth exploring the implementation of your own booking system. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain costs.

It is possible to include a store locator in your online shop. This is considered bespoke functionality and will require the licence of a plug-in and additional work to install, integrate and implement. In some cases, the licence is a one-off fee and in others, it may require annual renewal. Where a store locator is implemented you will be asked to provide data, e.g. store name, store address including postcode, contact details and certain rules and criteria to be used in the locator process and return of results.

A customer can add a note to their order at the checkout stage. This message will be included in the order details when they are received by the shop owner. This could include details of personalisation where applicable or details about shipping.

It is possible to set a rule to specify the number of products of a certain type for each order. When a customer proceeds to the online checkout the contents of their order are checked against the rules and If the rules have not been met a message will be displayed to explain the criteria. Error messages can be re-worded as needed.

It is possible to set up minimum purchase rules within WooCommerce. There are many criteria for setting rules in your online shop. Example criteria include a total number of items, items of a certain type, or an amount. When a customer takes a basket through to the checkout the contents of the basket are checked against the rules and if the rules are not met a message is returned. The customer must amend the basket so that it complies with the rules before they are able to complete the checkout process.

Yes, this functionality is possible with WooCommerce however it is not standard functionality and will require a plugin.

Yes, it is possible to include Trust Pilot reviews on your online shop.

Yes, you can include a Wish List on your WooCommerce online shop although this is not standard functionality and will require a plugin.

Yes, you can include ‘save for later’ functionality on your WooCommerce online shop although this is not standard functionality and will require a plugin.
It is not necessary for customers to create an account or log in (unless you want them to and then this can be forced). However, by default, you can give the customer the choice, and If they wish, they can proceed as a guest.
Yes, it is possible to proceed as a guest. You do not need to create an account or log in. By proceeding as a guest, the user will be required to enter more information to enable you to administer their order rather than simply confirm information they completed at the time of registering their account.
WooCommerce does have the ability to manage stock control. Stock levels can be stored at product level. You can choose to make the number of units in stock visible to the customer on the product page if required. It can also be disabled which means that the customer will be unaware of your stock levels. As a shop owner, you can still see stock levels at product level in the administration area of your online shop.
WooCommerce can include the ability for customers to rate a product. This function is optional. Where a customer rates a product, this will be displayed on the applicable product page.
Social Media Sharing is possible with the use of a plug-in. The plug-in used to achieve this may incur a licence fee. Please make us aware if you would like to include Social Media Sharing when we are discussing requirements and planning for your website.
Yes, it is possible for customers to add notes to their order to include the details of any personalisation requirements.
WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions