Will my e-commerce shop come pre-populated with all of my products?

As part of the website build, we will add a small number of products to your online shop. This helps us to work out how we can make your product pages look fantastic, include all the information and options required, and offer all of the functionality you need. We will ask you for a cross-section of your entire product range, to include some of the more complex products to be sold and we will work with you to get the product pages just as you want them.

Once the website is complete and just before launch, we will provide training so that you can add further products yourselves at any time. We will also show you how to amend existing products too.

If you would like us to populate the website with a greater number of products or indeed your entire product range, we will be happy to help. Obviously, this will increase the price of the job. Please ask us for a quotation for adding additional products.

Once your online shop is up and running, we are available to assist with updates of any kind including adding new products. Please get in touch to discuss your updates.

WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions