Can WooCommerce handle complex products that require several variable components that need to be combined and a price calculation performed?

Product variations can be handled in a few ways and are quite common, therefore we have good experience of analysing what is required and finding an elegant solution.

An example of complex product variations would be a product that is made up of a series of different interchangeable components, some components may be optional, and others may be mandatory, each component has a different price, there is a requirement to calculate a total price. Variations could include colour, size, fragrance, quantity, the material used.
If your product is complex, we will often ask you to provide a sample of your product range, to include some of your most complex products, to us at the enquiry stage. This gives us the opportunity to perform a proof of concept to make sure we can deliver what you need in a way that you are happy with. It also helps us to identify more accurately how much it is going to cost to develop your website with the functionality you need and to determine how long it is going to take.

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