There is no limit to the number of products you can include in your online shop.

The initial set-up of the online shop will include a small number of pre-populated products of your choice added to the website by Pedleyonline on your behalf. Ideally, this will include products across different categories or products of different types if they exist. Training will be provided at the point of going live with the new website to enable you to add additional products yourself and to carry out key functions. If you would like us to add any additional products for you, please ask us for a quotation.

You can set up product categories / departments to organise your products and make them easy to find. It is also possible to set up sub-categories.
Products can be allocated to one or more categories. It is possible to change the category to which a product is allocated. You may also re-name a category, introduce new categories and remove categories also. Training will be provided or alternatively, we are happy to make updates for you (update charges apply)

Yes, WooCommerce is exceptionally flexible and offers lots of options for elegantly displaying and selling complex products. If your products have lots of different options, for example, one product is available in several colours and several sizes. Functions such a Product Attributes, Variations, and Product Add-ons make it possible to handle all of these options, even where there is a price variation associated with them.

Almost anything can be included in your product information. Let us know what you would like to include, and we’ll find a way to include it in a user-friendly and elegant way.

Basic information will include a Product Title, Short Product Description, Long Product Description, Product specifications, or characteristics such as dimensions, colour etc, Product Price, Main Product Image, Product Videos, Additional Product Images.
More advanced products may include Product Variations displayed in a drop-down with any price variations applied.

Additionally, it is possible to include further information for each product like Stock levels, Customer Reviews, PDF Documents, Social Media Sharing options, and many more.

We have experience in setting up products that are sold using measurements and we have successfully implemented these using a Measurement Calculator Module. The plug-in used is very flexible and we are confident it can provide a solution for most products. A good example of this in use is for a flooring shop, where products require a calculation of width times length to give a square metre value.

The Measurement Calculator module involves an annual licence fee, set-up, integration, and implementation. Please make us aware of any requirements you have, and we will be happy to demonstrate and provide more information and costs.

Product variations can be handled in a few ways and are quite common, therefore we have good experience of analysing what is required and finding an elegant solution.

An example of complex product variations would be a product that is made up of a series of different interchangeable components, some components may be optional, and others may be mandatory, each component has a different price, there is a requirement to calculate a total price. Variations could include colour, size, fragrance, quantity, the material used.
If your product is complex, we will often ask you to provide a sample of your product range, to include some of your most complex products, to us at the enquiry stage. This gives us the opportunity to perform a proof of concept to make sure we can deliver what you need in a way that you are happy with. It also helps us to identify more accurately how much it is going to cost to develop your website with the functionality you need and to determine how long it is going to take.

‘Email to a friend’ functionality is possible although this is bespoke functionality that may require additional work and the licence of a plug-in or module which may incur either a one-off or recurring licence fee.

Please make us aware if you would like to include ‘Email to a friend’ when we are discussing requirements and planning for your website.

Yes, it is possible to include PDF documents as part of the product information. This is useful where there is a product manual. PDF documents are not limited to products pages, they can feature on any page of your website.

Yes, it is possible to sell most services online. All goods and services must be legal, and you must observe any rules that apply to them, e.g. age restrictions, licences required, etc. Often where a service is sold online the service itself is delivered in person. Examples include making an online booking and payment for a dance class. Other possibilities are for digital products or downloads being offered for sale.

If you are unsure if your service can be sold online please contact us to discuss your business and requirements.

It is possible to sell age-restricted products online in your e-commerce shop. Your product must however be legal. As the business and website owner, you are fully and wholly responsible for ensuring that the product you sell is legal and that you achieve compliance with any age restrictions.
Our part is purely to help you to administer any website content that makes this possible.

An example of an age-restricted product would be tobacco. One suggestion would be to implement a pop-up upon entering the website that asks the visitor to confirm that they are over 18. Only once this has been confirmed will access to the site be granted.

We would suggest that confirmation of the legal age of purchase is also re-confirmed at the point of checkout.

Bespoke functionality of this type may require the use of a pop-up or module. This may have a one-off or recurring licence fee. If this type of functionality is required, please make us aware of it at the enquiry stage so that we can include it in your quotation.

WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions