I do not have any photographs of my products. What can I do?

There are lots of options for photographing your products. If you are selling a branded product or something manufactured by someone else it is possible that they have professional photographs of the products already. You could approach them to seek permission to use their photographs on your website.

If you have a camera or a mobile phone, you may be able to photograph the products yourself. The quality of the camera phones has changed dramatically over the last decade or so and the size and quality of the photos, if taken with care, will most likely be perfectly adequate for your product photos. If any minor adjustments are required we will be able to photoshop them before use.

You could employ a professional photographer to take pictures of your products for you.

Alternatively, though we are not professional photographers, we do have a decent camera and camera phones and we do have some experience of taking product photographs. We would be happy to provide you with a price for photographing some or all of your products if it’s feasible to do so (depending on what they are and location etc)

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