It is possible to display multiple images for each product. Generally, there is the main product image and further images are uploaded to an image gallery. We will ask you how many images you would like to display per product, and we will ask you to specify a maximum number of images per product. This is because we will style the product page so that the main image and additional images look uniform across your shop and integrate and work well with the other content on your product page. In our opinion, the optimum number of product images is anything between 1 and 4 images (1 main image and 3 further images)

Ideally, the product images for your eCommerce shop will be at least 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. Please send over the largest images you have. We recommend that products are photographed with a white background, except for accompanying lifestyle style images.

Before uploading your images to the website we will make any tweaks and adjustments using photoshop. We will ensure all images are well optimised for use on the web. There are several online plugins available that can be used to reduce the file size of images. This compression is advisable to ensure that images load quickly on your website.

We often use We Transfer for receipt of product images and website content, particularly where there are lots of large files. Please don’t worry if you do not have experience of this, we’ll be happy to explain and guide you through it all.

Product images within your online shop can be enlarged with a ‘zoom’. Often referred to as Product Image Zoom or Zoom magnifier. This means customers can magnify images for a closer look at your product. Please let us know as soon as possible if this type of functionality is needed.

We recommend photographing your products with a white background. Busy backgrounds can be distracting and take away from the product itself. Make sure you take images at a large size as this gives you flexibility. They can always be reduced in size but they cannot be made larger without losing quality. Photographs must be in focus and make sure the lighting is good, ideally without shadows.

There are lots of options for photographing your products. If you are selling a branded product or something manufactured by someone else it is possible that they have professional photographs of the products already. You could approach them to seek permission to use their photographs on your website.

If you have a camera or a mobile phone, you may be able to photograph the products yourself. The quality of the camera phones has changed dramatically over the last decade or so and the size and quality of the photos, if taken with care, will most likely be perfectly adequate for your product photos. If any minor adjustments are required we will be able to photoshop them before use.

You could employ a professional photographer to take pictures of your products for you.

Alternatively, though we are not professional photographers, we do have a decent camera and camera phones and we do have some experience of taking product photographs. We would be happy to provide you with a price for photographing some or all of your products if it’s feasible to do so (depending on what they are and location etc)

We do not recommend taking product photographs from other websites without first gaining permission to use them. This is generally limited to brand or manufacturers’ images. It is unlikely that a competitor will give their permission for you to use their images, which is completely understandable.

It is the responsibility of the website owner (not Pedleyonline) to ensure that all images are either taken by you, commissioned by you or that you have obtained permission from the owner of the image to use it on your website. We will ask you to confirm this prior to using the image. Any action resulting from the unauthorised use of images will be your responsibility.

WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions