What happens to my online shop when I go on holiday?

That is entirely up to you and will depend on the type of business you have. It is possible to have multiple shop administrators so you could hand over the reins to a deputy or a trusted member of staff while you’re away. It’s an online shop, you can access your online shop, it’s administration panel anywhere in the world subject to internet access.  You can view orders and progress them within the administration panel. In addition to the administration panel, much of the shop communication is via email so providing you can still access your emails whilst you are away you will be notified of any sales or enquiries by email.

You may choose to suspend your business while you are away. It is possible to switch off the ability to complete a purchase however we would always ask you to consider how this may feel for a customer.

You could still allow orders but add a clear message to the website and at the point of check out to inform your customer that you are away, when you are due to return, and to set their expectation in terms of delivery of their goods or service. With this information, they can decide if they still wish to proceed.

You could switch off the website altogether although we do not recommend this option as it could be damaging for your business. Customers may find an alternative supplier during your absence. Your website could also lose search engine rank if it’s taken offline for an extended length of time.

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