What are the running costs for my online shop?

The running cost for your online shop will depend on the functionality required and the payment gateway.  In many cases, plug-ins are used to achieve certain functionality and to make the shop look and function the way you want it to. Most plug-ins involve a licence fee which can be a one-off fee, but in most cases requires an annual renewal.

In addition to these licences, every website regardless of whether it is an e-commerce website is subject to web hosting costs.  These are charged annually in advance. Please see details of our current web hosting charges here. Similarly, every website has a domain name that needs to be registered for which there is a fee. Please see details of our charges for registering and renewing a domain name here.

In order to take payment, you will have selected and signed up to a payment gateway provider such as PayPal, WorldPay, Sage Pay, Barclaycard, or similar. There are fees associated with using these services. The charges and fee structure vary by provider and are subject to change. Some charge a monthly fee, some charge percentage plus a fixed fee, or there may be an alternative fee structure. Details of the current fees will be available on their website.

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