We recommend that you include details of your proposed order dispatch timescales on the Shipping Policy page of your website.
Yes, you can specify different charges for overseas and international orders. This information should be included in your Shipping Policy and will be built into the Shipping Rules for your online shop. This involves setting up Shipping Zones, Shipping Rules, and adding shipping prices. You can also exclude certain countries if they are places you do not wish to post to.

Yes, you can specify rules which determine which countries you will ship to and those which you choose not to. Details should be included in your Shipping Policy. The Shipping Rules will prevent any orders being accepted for countries you have chosen to exclude.

Part of setting up your shop includes defining a Shipping Policy and Shipping Rules. This includes setting up Shipping Classes that define rules for different classes of products, Shipping Zones to cover different destinations, and Shipping Rates to determine the cost of postage. When a customer checks out their items the contents of the basket will be tested against the rules and the correct shipping charge calculated and added to the order.

Planning for and setting up Shipping Rules can be quite tricky and almost every store is different. We will be happy to help you to develop your Shipping Rules.

Yes, you can set up a Shipping Class for any products you want to offer free delivery for.

Yes, it is possible to offer Click and Collect. This should form part of your Shipping Policy. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to offer this option to your customers.

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