If one of your products has a change in price you simply access the administration panel for your online shop, locate the product and change the price. This is easy and quick to do. Product prices can be changed at any time and any number of times. Changing the price of a product does not affect the price applied to any historical sales. Read More
It is possible to have multiple users for WooCommerce. Each User will be assigned a role that will determine what they can do.

Yes, it is possible to set up individual users and assign them to a role that allows them to perform a specified number of responsibilities or functions. For example, you may set up a role named ‘Shop Manager’ and another named ‘Editor’. A user assigned to the role of Shop Manager will be able to perform many more functions than someone who has been assigned the role of Editor.

The WooCommerce administration panel holds data that will allow you to complete reports and sales analysis. Depending on your data requirements there are several plug-ins available that will widen the range of reports available to you.

Yes, you can add new products to your online shop yourself. We will provide you with some training before your shop goes live so that you can perform a few key tasks independently.

WooCommerce offers some stock control capability as standard. More advanced functionality is possible with the use of a bespoke plugin. If you have any specific requirements in terms of stock control functionality, please make us aware of it as soon as possible.

Yes, you can add, amend, or remove a department (category) at any time. When removing a category, it is important to consider any products that are assigned to this category. When a category is deleted, any products which are allocated solely to that category will become ‘uncategorised’ and therefore may lose visibility in your online shop. First, allocate them to a new or alternative category.

Yes, each product can store an SKU and this SKU code can be carried through to the checkout and included in any order correspondence generated by the website and sent to the customer and shop administrator. An SKU may also be required if you intend to sell your products on another platform, as well as your online shop, for example, Amazon.

WooCommerce can automatically generate several different customer email communications relating to an order. Examples include Order Acknowledgement, Order Confirmation, and Order Dispatch. These are optional and can be switched off if not required. Email templates can be modified with your own text.

If you need to make a refund you can do this from within the WooCommerce administration panel. In some circumstances and depending on your set-up you may also need to access the payment gateway to complete the refund. We will provide training on how to issue a refund at the point your online shop is launched.

WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions