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16th March, 2011
Yellow Pages

Personally, if we need to call in the experts for something we either take a recommendation from a friend, if ones available, or jump on the internet and look someone up.

Rarely are we seen thumbing through the Yellow Pages or reaching for the local paper and this is certainly the case for an increasing number of consumers these days.
Sure, Yellow Pages are online too and yes people do use them and similar directories but when you weigh up the costs we feel investing in a Pedleyonline website, optimising it and maybe investing in further micro-sites too represents fantastic value.

Time for a little research….by no means an in-depth review and therefore perhaps not 100% accurate but certainly the indicative prices apparent to us on interrogating the respective websites.

For the purpose of this exercise we worked on the basis that we’re a business based in Bromsgrove and we’re looking to advertise our business in Yellow Pages. We’ve also decided to consider placing an advert in a local paper. That’s sure to get us some business isn’t it?

Yell = Rubbish!

First off, Yell.com. Yellow Pages but online – more modern than the old fashioned big book so surely the way to go?
There are certainly lots of options available and it’s quite overwhelming to be honest. We want good visibility for our business so we’ll go for a Local Sponsored Listing for South West Birmingham, Redditch and Bromsgrove. That’ll be a sweet £4459.00 please…plus a little VAT and artwork charges where appropriate.

Maybe we need to cater for the computer-phobic folk and put something in the Yell book too? If we place a half page advert in the Yell book for West Midlands South circulation only, something simple, black on yellow only then we’d be looking at a further £2240.00 + VAT and artwork charges. We’ve got plenty of time to think about what to put in the advert because the book isn’t being published until next January!

We were rather scared off by the prices so we didn’t hang around to read the site thoroughly. Of course we can always ring them up and let their call centre staff answer any questions we may have before they try and close the deal. Truth is, at those prices the only questions we have are ‘Is there an alternative way to effectively market our business?’ and if we do opt for Yell.com ‘Do you offer finance?’

We decided that rather than let our fingers do the walking we’d vote with our feet and go and check out the local papers’ instead

Ok, here’s the deal…and again there’s lots of options. We’ve kept it quite modest, not the cheapest of the options available and certainly not the most expensive by far. Let’s reach out to Bromsgrove, Droitwich and Redditch by placing our advert in two publications and let’s not leave it at just one week because we’ve got to give it a chance to work haven’t we? 6 weeks sounds reasonable.

£268.32 + VAT and here’s what you get.

Newspaper Ad Vs Website!

Eyecatching isn’t it? (NOT!)
Advertising on Yell.com, in the physical big yellow book (or similar) or via the local paper is, in our opinion, very expensive, it’s short term, for printed editions there’s no opportunity to revise your information once it’s out there and we’re not sure how effective it is these days.
Bromsgrove based Pedleyonline offer an effective, affordable alternative to these forms of advertising. Take a look at our prices for an idea of what we can deliver for you…you’ll find them far more reasonable and in our opinion they represent far better value. A long term investment. A website to be proud of.
Once the initial investment has been made and your website is online it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, not just for 6 weeks like your advert in the paper. Running costs for your website once built are quite minimal (Hosting £36 p.a. and domain name renewal £12 every two years)

There’s always the option to change the information on your website

A website provides you with much more space than a traditional advert, you have the freedom to represent your business as you wish.
Optimising your website means more people will visit. Together we’ll make your site look fantastic and visitors will be converted to customers. Our standard sites include basic optimisation but there’s always more that can be done and we can work to most budgets.

Additional micro-sites held on carefully selected domain names can be very effective at drawing more traffic to your main site. These can be produced from as little as £99 to include the first years hosting and purchase of the domain name. We offer reduced running costs on these smaller sites thereafter. Again, available 24/7 all year round, not just for 6 issues. The option to update the information displayed at any time. At £99 each you could have three great looking, effective micro-sites working hard for you drawing people to look at your business via your main website for the same price as a tiny newspaper advert for just 6 weeks. Remember also that your potential audience is worldwide, not just the residents of Bromsgrove, Droitwich and Redditch who find time to read their local newspapers.