Getting your web content to us

Once you’ve decided how you want the site to look, it’s function and you have a rough idea of the page content – the next step is getting all of this information to us.

It’s always best if we can receive information electronically. Sometimes e-mail is appropriate but in most cases we’ll send you an invitation to share a folder on Dropbox.  Dropbox is an online storage solution, it’s free and very simple to use.  If you’re not familiar with Dropbox please don’t be concerned, we can talk you through it.

Dropbox is essentially a virtual folder which is accessible by you and also by Pedleyonline.  Simply pop any photos, logos, text and documents into the shared folder and we’ll be able to view them almost instantly.

If you don’t have access to a computer and cannot provide information electronically then please supply us with the actual photographs and documents and we’ll scan them in or type up the text for you.

Please be aware that this can be a slightly slower process and depending on the volume of work it can push the price up a little too.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions