Testimonials vs Tooting your own horn

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15th July, 2011

Everyone expects you to gush about your own business. They expect you to say great things and if they don’t hear you say how much cheaper, better, and more spectacular you are compared to the competition then they’ll start to question your sanity and sense as a business owner.

However, just because YOU say it doesn’t make it true.

On the other hand, when someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in your business is willing to step forward and say great things about you it can be incredibly powerful. Suddenly you’ve made a HUGE step toward gaining that all important element of trust. Recommendations create credibility, they break down natural barriers of distrust and skepticism that can make acquiring new customer a difficult task.

Let your satisfied customers do the selling for you. Their words are so much more powerful than anything you could EVER say.

If you don’t already have customer testimonials featured on your website then it’s time to act. We guarantee the investment will pay off.

Here’s how it’s done…Click HERE to see who’s been tooting our horn

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