Spreading the love – Pedleyonline on Tour!

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16th January, 2012
Pedleyonline 2012 tour blog

We’ve lived in Bromsgrove for almost 5 years and we’re very happy here. We’ve met some great people and built good relationships with our Bromsgrove based customers.

On a personal basis we’re real home birds – we rarely go away and when we do we miss home! So we find we rarely stray too far from the nest.

Then it dawned on us that many people live outside of Bromsgrove haven’t really met us yet! (could be a good thing…but in our opinion defo a bad thing!)

So we’ve decided it’s time we went on tour, spread our wings a little.

  • You don’t need to be a Bromsgrove resident to work with Pedleyonline.
  • Your business doesn’t have to have a Bromsgrove HQ!
  • We can be coaxed out of Bromsgrove!

Here are just some of the areas we cover…