Smart Serve Cap

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12th November, 2013
Smart Serve Cap Website

Smart Serve Cap is a website commissioned by a local entrepreneur to market and sell his innovative new product which is a multi-functional handle for PET bottles.

PET bottles are the plastic bottles that are used for most soft drinks, eg. Coca Cola, Fanta, 7 Up etc.

Smart Serve Cap can be used as a tool to make it easier to open PET bottles, this is especially useful for the elderly, the handicapped or children who do not have the strength in their grip to open these types of bottle tops. It is also designed for safe, easy and controlled pouring of drinks and to preserve carbonation.

Smart Serve Cap Website

The website features the existing Smart Serve Cap logo and a distinctive red and black colour theme.

A simple e-commerce website with four products available for purchase using Paypal buttons. Paypal handles all aspects of the shopping transaction and payment can be made using a Paypal account or a debit or credit card.

The website has a horizontal navigation menu and includes Home, Info, Demonstration, Shop and Contact Us which is an online contact form with validation.

The website contains information and photographs illustrating how the product works and of course those all important ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons.

The demonstration page includes embedded video showing the product in action.

The website is linked to a pre-existing website in German (not a Pedleyonline production)

Smart Serve Cap Website