Shipston Self Storage

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19th December, 2018

A new, responsive website for Shipston Self Storage built on the WordPress platform and hosted on a secure server with an SSL certificate.

Shipston Self Storage had an existing website which they felt needed an update. Although Shipston were an already established business we helped them with a new logo design and went on to also produce business cards and a leaflet. The new Shipston Self Storage branding has been used consistently across all media including the website.

The website is on-message, easy to use and optimised with keywords and phrases for the services they provide in their target areas.
New website for Shipston Self Storage

The new responsive website works well on all types of devices and can be expanded with new content at any time.

Great care was taken with the transition from the old site to the new to ensure no traffic was lost and any visitors were safely transported to their fabulous new website.

Read more about the new Shipston Self Storage Website here.

Shipston Self Storage Website