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7th December, 2022

The S&H Schoolwear and Sports website is a large website featuring school uniform products for a wide selection of pre-schools, nurseries, first schools, middle schools and high schools in Bromsgrove.

   As well as school uniform, S&H Schoolwear and Sports stock Guide Wear for the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, and a selection of sports accessories.  S&H also provide a garment printing and embroidery service, whereby they can assist with the personalisation of garments for clubs, sports clubs, dance academies, workwear, hen/stag t-shirts, and DofE Hoodies.

S & H Schoolwear and Sports New Website

The website has been developed in WordPress, with certain aspects of the website functionality delivered using WooCommerce, however the cart and facility to purchase online have been switched off.  Whilst it is not currently possible to to complete an online purchase, with a few adjustments this functionality could be added if it is ever required.   The website is responsive, which means it is mobile friendly, and can be viewed and navigated with ease from mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers and laptops.

Website content is well presented and well organised, with categories for each educational stage, and subcategories for each school.  School pages display a hierarchy for all of the school uniform items available for that school.  At product level there is an image of the garment, which includes the school badge where appropriate.  It was quite important to the business owners to include the school badges on the uniform images on the website as they felt is would help customers better visualise the school uniform they are purchasing.  We were able to make this possible by photoshopping the badges onto the photos of the garments, before watermarking the final images to protect them, and to keep them exclusive to S&H Schoolwear and Sports.

Product pages include product descriptions including size, price, manufacturer information such as materials used, garment features and care instructions.   Whilst all of the product information is displayed, S&H Schoolwear and Sports have decided not to opt for full eCommerce.  School Uniform can be tried on and purchased, or reserved, in store at their Church Street shop in Bromsgrove town centre.

S&H can add, edit, delete school uniform products featured on the website themselves, however Pedleyonline are always on hand to make any changes required.  For all of our customers, we are always available to make changes on your behalf, even where you have a content managed website.  We are only an email/phone call/text/Whatsapp message away if you need help with updates or website changes.

S & H Schoolwear and Sports Bromsgrove

The S&H website features the S&H Schoolwear and Sports business logo, with website graphics throughout the site in colours to complement their brand, and consistent with their shop front signage.  Photos of the shop itself are included on the home page with contact information and opening hours on both the Homepage and the Contact page.   The ancillary pages of the website, such as the About Us page are well written, personal and welcoming.  Further pages detail the additional services available from S&H Schoolwear and Sports including Garment Printing and Embroidery, Put By Scheme, Pre-loved Uniform Scheme, and Autism Friendly Shopping Appointments.

S&H Schoolwear and Sport work closely with local Bromsgrove Schools to ensure the uniform they supply is consistent and compliant with the school’s uniform policy.  They offer invaluable, personal service to parents and pupils navigating the sometimes daunting task of sourcing and purchasing the correct school uniform.  The S&H Schoolwear business has been established for more than 20 years and is run by local family, Helen and Simon Greaves.  They live in Bromsgrove and have children themselves who attend Bromsgrove schools.  They are very focussed on the local community, both personally and professionally.  Their priority is providing friendly, helpful, first class customer service, whilst supplying high quality, comfortable, smart, school uniform that complies with the schools’ uniform policy.

The fact that the team at S&H Schoolwear put a huge emphasis on customer service is evident in many of the in-shop initiatives they have implemented, such as their ‘Put by Service’, ‘Preloved Rail’ and their designated, one-to-one quiet shopping appointments where parents can bring their autistic children to try on school uniform when no one else is there.  In 2018, S&H Schoolwear and Sport became the first business in Bromsgrove to gain the Autism Friendly Award.  More details are available on their website on the Autism Friendly page.  All of the additional services on offer are represented in detail on specific pages on the website and are linked to via the main navigation menu, in the footer and throughout the website.

Bromsgrove School Uniform Shop

Our experience of working with S&H Schoolwear and Sports has been extremely positive.  They are friendly, polite, and professional.  We are delighted, but not surprised, that S&H chose to work with Pedleyonline, as we too are a local Bromsgrove based small business and this choice is consistent with their appreciation of community life in Bromsgrove; two local small businesses working together!

Since the go-live date we have worked with S&H to develop their website further, to meet the needs of their business, and better serve their customers through the implementation of a number of small tweaks and improvements.  Requirements are outlined, and we discuss potential solutions before deciding together on the best way forward.  It works really well!

School shop product category for South Bromsgrove School

The customer reviews received by S&H Schoolwear are fantastic! They evidence the success that S&H have achieved in providing excellent customer service in their local community and how well thought of and respected they are.  Customer reviews are featured on the website and are also available on the S&H Schoolwear and Sports Facebook page, which is linked to from their website (and vice versa).  The Facebook page is also used to make announcements and to relay information to their customers.

A blog is featured on the website, which gives S&H the opportunity to independently update the website with news and useful articles such as School Uniform lead times, the announcement of new schools that S&H now supply uniform for, and other relevant local and industry news or updates.   On supply of the website content, Pedleyonline are also available to make such updates on behalf of the business owner if required.

The website has been designed to make it easy to move around and find the information you need.  There are several navigation options available including a horizontal navigation menu with drop-downs for subcategories, image panels for key categories with links on the images, and anchor text links on the titles, a list of the schools categorised by educational stage e.g.  first schools, middle schools, high schools that allows you to select the school you are interested in and dive right into the garments available for that school.  The website footer includes links to both categories and to the ancillary pages of the site, which details some of the additional services available, e.g. ‘Put by Scheme’, ‘Pre-loved Uniform’ etc.  The specific searches, the website header contains a search bar.

School Shop Bromsgrove

The website has been a huge success and continues to work well.   A large project, delivered on time and on budget.   We hope to continue to support S&H Schoolwear and Sports with all of their website needs for many years to come.

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