Ryan Clifford Film Wedding Videographer

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20th March, 2016

Ryan Clifford Film provide documentary style wedding videography to capture precious wedding memories. Any ‘bride to be’ who sees Ryan’s work will fall in love with the idea of a Ryan Clifford Film and if you take a look at his video gallery you’ll understand why. In fact Mrs Pedleyonline has recently suggested she’d like to marry me all over again and I have a sneaky suspicion it’s because of Ryan’s work rather than mine!

Wedding videographer Ryan came to see us with his ideas for a new website and laid out his vision. Naturally the emphasis was on creating something beautiful, inspiring and personal as well as a website that would provide the functionality he needed to display his work. Ryan also wanted the facility to make website updates himself.

Ryan Clifford Flim in our web design portfolio

The image is weddingy, if that’s even a word!? It’s elegant, vintage; a scrapbook feel. It has a real personal touch which is crucial in the wedding industry and unsurprisingly Ryan had amazing creative vision and intuition for what would work well.

The website is clean, light and simple to navigate. It’s comprehensive, on-message and compelling. Links to social media which are perfect for promoting Ryan’s business.

Key functionality includes the ability to play high resolution videos which is achieved using Vimeo. Video stills are embedded in wide screen frames and may be played, paused, forwarded etc. Ryan can add new videos at any time.

Wedding Video Website

The website is responsive/mobile friendly which means all website content including the videos can be viewed on all types of devices e.g. desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and the layout and content will automatically adjust according to the device being used.

The website has all of the information the happy couple may need when considering and securing Ryan’s participation in their day including many inspirational highlight films, frequently asked questions, packages, contact us. Ryan has already begun adding interesting blog updates for example, ‘little things that make a huge difference’ and ‘6 reasons why you should have a wedding video’

Web Design for Weddings

I defy anyone, hopeless romantic or not, to view a selection of Ryan’s work and not feel emotional and smiley. And if you’re a ‘groom to be’ then I feel sure your ‘bride to be’ will be dropping Ryan’s name into the conversation at almost every opportunity in the run up to your big day or at least until you’ve asked Ryan Clifford Film to ‘Save the Date’

Go and enjoy the emotion at ryancliffordfilm.com