Re-wired Worcester get Re-wired!

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23rd April, 2018

Re-wired Worcester just got re-wired! We actually met Sean from Re-wired around 12 months ago when he completed some electrical work for us.

I have to say we didn’t choose him because of his website, he was introduced to us through another trades person. Unfortunately we met him just a few weeks too late because Sean had just commissioned a website through Sole Trader. It was early days for the new website but Sean already had a dim view of things, rightly so!

By the time he had completed our installation the lights had come on and he realised he needed a Pedleyonline website for his business – he’d also fallen completely in love with our gorgeous web design apprentice – Ellie the Cocker Spaniel!

12 months later once his intial contract had expired Sean was back in touch and ready to flip the switch on a new Re-wired / Pedleyonline partnership.

Re-wired Worcester get Re-wired!

Sean and Ellie were re-united when Sean popped by for a cuppa and a chat about his new website. We reviewed the old / existing website thoroughly and found that unfortunately it was largely duplicate content, didn’t reflect his business, personality or highlight the skills and service he provides and it didn’t even use his company logo and branding.

In a short amount of time we learned about Sean’s business, the services he offers, his experience as a domestic and commercial electrician for Worcester and the surrounding area. Sean is Nappit and Part P registered, has 30 years of experience and is very reliable, skilled and service driven. Re-wired Worcester has many verified customer reviews on, Facebook and and Sean has scores of photographs of projects under-way and impressive completed electrical installations – with a few powerful selfies thrown in for good measure!

Rewired Website Gallery

All of this great potential content was made available to us along with the artwork for the Re-wired logo. This gave us a good feel of Sean’s offering and the image he wanted to portray to his customers and potential customers. Sean was able to talk to us direct about his aims and ideas for the website and ask and answer questions giving him real control and input – not something he had experienced with our predecessors.

Following our meeting we sent over a short website proposal. Work began on a website structure and layout with screenshots being made available to Sean at intervals (first fix). The content was populated with new, unique page content (second fix). We were spoilt for choice when it came to use of images and chose to display them in a lightbox image gallery and also some dynamic image holders.

The website has been developed in WordPress. It is completely expandable and we look forward to working with Sean to further develop it over time to ensure that it continues to reflect his business and performs well for him.

Rewired Testimonials

Once complete we asked Sean to review the site and provide feedback. Sean was delighted with the results. We made the website live and put in place 301 re-directs to ensure he didn’t lose any traffic from the old site following the switch over.

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