Premier Protection Screens – Safe and Stylish!

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27th June, 2020

Premier Protection Screens provide premium quality bespoke glass screens and dividers and was developed in a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Premier Protection Screens supply a range of modular hygiene screens for the office, retail, leisure, and hospitality industries. Their Coronavirus Protective Screens offer stylish, sophisticated, and elegant solutions along with the functional, safety benefits and requirements for Covid-safe workspaces. Premier Protection Screens makes it possible to be safe and stylish!

Local company, A Touch Of Glass was perfectly placed to adapt their business for the Coronavirus pandemic as their existing business, A Touch of Glass, specialises in high-quality, custom made shower solutions, and continue to do so. They have a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke glazing solutions.
Premier Protection ScreensTheir Covid protection barriers are manufactured from safety glass in compliance with BS EN12150-01-2015, come pre-coated with Endurosheild protection, are easy to clean, resistant to scratches, and will always look as good as the day they were fitted. Safety screens are manufactured in the UK, can be ordered in a whole range of configurations providing ultimate flexibility. They can be adjusted, re-configured, disassembled, stored, and re-assembled!

The Premier Protection Screens website is as elegant as its protection screens. It features a Home Page that is on-message with simple navigation to the range of Framed Screens, Frameless Protection Screens and Bespoke Safety Screen options The Bespoke Designs page provides information about custom options such as fluted, tinted, frosted or printed glass and RAL colour options. Full credentials and specifications of the glass used to manufacture the screens are available on the About Our Glass page. Premier Protection Screens has developed both the Frequently Asked Questions section and Latest News to answer questions about its products and assist its customers to implement safe communal spaces.
Covid Protection ScreensWith so much flexibility in their product offering, it became apparent quite early on in the website development, that elegant screens need elegant product representation online! The website has been developed in WordPress, and using Woocommerce to provide shop functionality. The complex functionality required to present all of the flexibility available in configuring the safety screens was challenging but well within reach and, we’re pleased to report it works perfectly! Each product is supported by a series of images including a virtual office view, a 3D screen model, a simple diagram that clearly shows the width and depth configurations, and a Plan View which explains the various installation elements.

Model Dimensions and Technical Specifications for each product are provided in pdf format. The frame colour, and all available width and depth options for each component of the screen are selected through a series of drop-downs, and once selected the price calculates instantly on-screen. Once all options are complete the final price is displayed followed by the option to ‘Add to Basket’. A discount is automatically built in where 10 or more units are purchased.

The website handles all aspects of the purchase including taking payment via PayPal using a PayPal account or a debit or credit card.

The website is of course responsive/mobile-friendly which means it is accessible from phones and tablets as well as computers and laptops and will display according to the type of device being used to access it.
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