PIES Ltd Website

PIES Ltd Website

A small website which is informative, concise and professional in image.

A Homepage with fading images, contact info, strong branding and well optimised text content. Products page with images and information on the various welding equipment, engineering products and consumables on offer from welding torches to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and a Secure online contact form.

The new website provides Phoenix with a valuable web presence which can be built upon with the addition of new content over time.

visit – www.piesltd.co.uk

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“I chose Pedleyonline initially to support local businesses. I had a very fixed image of the style of my website, and how to portray my business. But translating that in detail to someone else is difficult, unfortunately ‘memory sticks’ cannot be plugged in to the human brain to transfer data. I really did not want it to look like everyone else’s in my industry, or to look too ‘industrial’. However with only 2 meetings and little time wasted Brian came up with exactly what I wanted. Within an economic budget. I am over the moon with my website and everyone who has visited it has commented on its style, visual impact and professionalism. I cannot recommend this company enough.”

Carol Gates – PIES Ltd