Pedleyonline to the rescue!

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5th November, 2012

Could we class ourselves as one of the emergency services…?

I suppose we’d be stretching the truth a little and even if it were true it’d only be by association.

Pedleyonline has recently completed a make-over of one of our existing e-commerce shops to introduce a brand new image for the UK’s No 1 Suppliers of Quality Sandbags.

Unfortunately it looks like flooding is set to become commonplace here in the UK and though it’s never nice to think of profiting from other people’s misfortune, depending on your local council’s policy it’s often the property owner’s responsibility to take appropriate action to protect their property from flooding.

Use of sandbags may help keep you safe and lessen the impact of a flood. Sandbags can prevent damaging flooding or at least slow the flow of flood water into a property giving residents more time to move themselves and their belongings to safety. sell a variety of hessian and polypropylene sandbags both filled and loose which are all shipped FREE to any UK Mainland address. is a simple yet intuitive website displaying comprehensive product information, multiple product images and secure payment options including PayPal, debit or credit cards. Additional informational pages include Sandbag info, terms and conditions and a secure online contact form. The homepage has a fading image banner and further product images providing navigation to the various departments as well as a traditional left-hand vertical navigation menu.

The website is built using Prestashop and has been customised for both it’s design and function and has been optimised for search engines.

Anyway, just to clear things up in case there’s been any confusion. Pedleyonline are very sympathetic to those who live in areas prone to flooding, we did design and build the website HOWEVER despite the fact we both have wellies we’re possibly not the people to call if you’re experiencing a flood!

If you need help with an effective website for your business, that’s a different matter and we’d be happy to come to the rescue. Simply call 07769 677097.