Pedleyonline joins Facebook

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25th May, 2011
Pedleyonline on Facebook

Go easy on us please…..we’re new here!

Pedleyonline has taken brave new steps recently and ventured onto Facebook.

It’s not that we’re not sociable, we even watched the movie ‘The Social Network’ but when it came to Facebook for business and how it could help us at Pedleyonline it was all a bit of a mystery to us to be honest.

So we put it off and put it off and it just kept getting pushed down the list of ‘things to do when we get 5 minutes’. We’d even prioritised mowing the lawn and cleaning the oven over developing our Facebook page.

The truth is we’ve been bullied into taking action. Our customers keep asking for our advice and assistance for how they can use Facebook and Twitter and other social media to promote and grow their businesses. Frankly we felt flattered that they trusted us enough to ask for our advice and guidance but this was shortly followed by a rather uncomfortable knowing feeling that you often get when you know you’re just putting off something important that you really should get sorted. There was also a smidgen of embarrassment that in our line of business this is really something we should be up to speed on.

So, the lawn is out of control, the oven is minging BUT, Pedleyonline is now on Facebook! We’re learning loads of good stuff and we’re extremely pleased with ourselves!


Now comes your bit….PLEASE visit our new Facebook page and show us a little support by clicking the ‘like’ button.

We’re still finding our feet with it and so to begin with we may not always get it completely right but we’d love it if you came along for the ride. You never know, you may even be inspired to have a go yourself and use Facebook for your own business.