Olton Garden Services, Solihull

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2nd September, 2020

A new website for Solihull based landscapers, fencing, patio, and driveway specialists Olton Garden Services.

The new website is responsive / mobile-friendly, developed in WordPress, and includes basic on-page SEO for the services provided by Olton Garden Services in Olton, Solihull, and the surrounding area.

Olton Garden Services contacted us when they came across Pedleyonline following an internet search for local Birmingham web designers.  An initial phone call was followed by a meeting where we discussed their website requirements and what we felt we could do for Olton Garden Services.   A summary of the meeting, a website proposal, and costings followed and we were delighted when Olton said they wanted to work with us on their website.

Olton Garden Services previously had a website with Yell.com and wanted to take control, make improvements and work in partnership with a local web developer. The perfect pairing for Pedleyonline! Website objectives were to gain new business within their target area and create an online portfolio of the completed projects they are so proud of.  Search engine ranking and the ability to convert a visitor to a customer are key in obtaining new work via the website so high-quality content and good presentation were key. We also made a plan for a smooth transition from the old site to the new site to ensure there was no interruption to service. Website re-directs were set up to take visitors trying to access the old site to the appropriate page on the new website.
Olton Garden Services, SolihullThe first steps were to freshen up the existing Olton company logo for use on the website whilst still retaining its identity.  A website mock-up was created for approval to demonstrate the proposed layout, navigation, and use of themes, colours, and backgrounds to complement the business logo and branding.
New website for Olton Garden Services, SolihullWe went on to populate the framework with content, both new and existing, and to refine and improve where necessary to make the content as customer-friendly and search engine friendly as possible.

The new site has a widescreen layout which is perfect for showcasing completed landscaping, fencing, patio, and driveway projects.  This works well both on the key pages and within the multiple-image galleries across the site.  Image Galleries are categorised with each gallery embedded into the relevant services page to provide examples alongside information. Images are displayed in a lightbox and each and every image has a descriptive alt image tag associated with it. Dynamic content features on the homepage in the form of a changing image banner with text graphic overlays.

There are various forms of navigation available across all devices, a main horizontal navigation menu, panels with links on images, anchor links on text headings, and key words and phrases. Contextual sub-menus, footer links are also in use.  There are many options available, however this gives choice and provides an intuitive experience for visitors.

A clear ‘call to action’ is available on each page along with contact information and links to Olton’s social media pages placed in the website banner.

Basic on-page search engine optimisation focuses on high quality, unique and relevant page content. Great examples of their work in the galleries and reviews from many satisfied customers help with conversion rates.
Fence Installers Website SolihullThe responsive framework means the website displays according to the type of device being used to access it including mobile phones, tablets, computers.  This is also something Google favours.

Social Media, Facebook, and Instagram are used to promote completed projects and those in progress and give Olton the opportunity to further engage with customers and potential customers.

There are a large number of endorsements from satisfied Olton Garden Services Customers on the Customer Reviews page. Many of the reviews were taken directly from their Yell.com and Facebook pages and we have incorporated these into the website.

A secure online contact form makes it easy for customers and potential customers to get in touch with Olton Garden Services with their enquiries.  The contact form is accompanied by full contact details.

In conjunction with the ‘Go Live’ date, we set up SSL Web Hosting, tested the contact form, implemented page re-directs, and submitted the new site to Google and other search engines.

The Olton Garden Services website is comprehensive and professional however we look forward to working with Olton Garden Services to look for opportunities to develop and improve it further.