Old dog, new tricks…Puppy Bandana MkII

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7th June, 2016

A new responsive design for an already established e-commerce business Puppy Bandana. The original Puppy Bandana website was developed back in 2012 for what was then a brand new business.  The alpha site was a very loyal dog and served us well for almost 4 years, however it was time for a refresh with a few key objectives in mind:

  • Make the site more user friendly and customer / product focused
  • Responsive design / Mobile friendly
  • Manage stock and introduce new efficiency
  • Improve communication with customers
  • Retain or improve Google ranking

The new responsive design means that the website can be more easily viewed from a mobile phone or tablet. The website will detect the type of device and the design will flex to fit giving the best possible experience for the customer.

We felt this was particularly important not only because of the emphasis that Google places on mobile friendly design but also because we recognise that for an online only shop many of our customers will want to make small purchases such as dog bandanas in their free time and often this will be from a phone or tablet.


The new and improved website delivers improved navigation for customers and new content and for Puppy Bandana business owners there’s some great new shop functionality including stock control enabling them to provide an efficient service to customers and reducing administration.  The Woocommerce dashboard offers the opportunity to develop our customer communication further in the future.  Almost all existing Puppy Bandana Website content was retained and improved with the introduction of new images and text and we included some new tit-bits too.


New content includes Customer Reviews from delighted dog owners who have received their dog bandana products.  Our FAQs have been enhanced with new questions and are now separated into individual pages.

New categories introduced to better organise product content making it easier for customers to find products.  Finding products is also helped by our new ‘search’ function. ‘Search’ improves usability and allows customers to sniff out something suitable by entering a keyword.  Each of our product categories now has descriptive introduction text which allows the opportunity for more keywords and phrases within the on-page content and the meta descriptions and title tags.


The Dog Bandana Size Guide has been developed to include the sizes for our ties and bow ties too and is now available within each of the product pages as well as within the website footer and from the Help page.

Facebook and Twitter was already in place but a new Instagram profile has been created and linked to the website.

Whilst we were already shipping dog bandanas to overseas customers we took the opportunity to significantly increase the number of locations available at checkout. If your country isn’t included you can still contact Puppy Bandana for assistance and they’ll do all they can to get your products out to you.


The Puppy Bandana Navigation menu has been streamlined to relocate all ancillary pages to a central Customer Services / Help area. This means that all content and advice such as delivery and returns, care guidelines, FAQs etc are still available and easy to find but the main navigation is more focused on the product and the more pleasurable aspects of shopping!

The original website was delivered using a combination of html pages, a Prestashop e-commerce sales platform and once the business established we developed the site further with the addition of a photo gallery and blog which were appended using WordPress. The new solution is much more elegantly constructed and uses WordPress throughout including the WordPress Woocommerce sales platform and it’s endless possibilities for shop functionality. This makes for a much more sustainable platform to drive the business forward.

Exciting times for Puppy Bandana and very rejuvenating for us and our pet project! We’re like a dog with a bone! – Please visit the all new – puppybandana.co.uk