New E-Commerce Website for Floorcoat UK

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26th February, 2024

A new E-Commerce Shop for Bromsgrove-based Floorcoat UK. Floorcoat is a well-established local business, which specialises in the sale of floor-finishing products for the professional floor sanding industry. The Floorcoat product range includes abrasives, floor primers, stains, floor lacquers, tools and accessories, and floor care and cleaning products.

Floorcoat UK was keen to start selling its products online and approached Pedleyonline to discuss a quote for an E-Commerce website, having found our web design business online. We discussed the Floorcoat business, and gained an understanding of the types of products they sell. Using this information, and other requirements, we were able to consider how best to display and represent the Floorcoat range of products in an online shop. We also talked through the functionality required for the Floorcoat website, and the type of shop functionality delivered by the WordPress eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, which we use to provide much of the standard shop functionality. Though the Floorcoat product range is extensive, the functionality required was in line with Woocommerce’s standard offering with no additional plugins or widgets required. We summarised our meeting by producing a website proposal that outlined the scope of the job, all key requirements, the estimated cost, and the timescales for developing the site. We were delighted when Floorcoat accepted our proposal.

eCommerce Website for Floorcoat UK

The Floorcoat UK online shop has a responsive design, which means it is mobile-friendly and can be navigated and used with ease on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The website detects the type of device being used and displays it accordingly. The website is built in WordPress, with WooCommerce delivering the ‘online shopping’ elements of the website.

The website is hosted on secure SSL Web Hosting arranged by Pedleyonline.

The extensive range of products has been categorised and displayed in departments. Departments break down into subcategories which are displayed via a dropdown horizontal navigation menu.

Each product has its own page, accessed via the hierarchy pages, or via the ‘Search Product’ facility. Product pages display a product image, and could, if required, show additional product images, a product title, product description text including bullet points for key features, price, and if applicable a dropdown to select from a number of product variables such as size, colour, and grit. Some products have Product Datasheets attached in a PDF format for customers to download. Related products are associated and displayed on each product page to raise awareness of complementary products within the range and as a further form of navigation.

There are multiple methods for navigating the website including the horizontal drop-down menu, search product facility, access to key product categories via image panels on the homepage, department links in the website footer, and via the Product Index on the All Products page.

Products within each category are represented by a thumbnail image, product title, and price. Products can be sorted using various criteria, by price, by popularity, and by latest

Floorcoat UK business owners have their own login for the shop and can make changes at the product level including adding new products, amending products, deleting/archiving products or taking them out of stock temporarily. Product amendments could include changing text descriptions, adding or changing images, changing prices, and re-naming a product.

A Special Offer banner is displayed in the header whenever Floorcoat UK has one or more special offers available. This provides swift navigation to the special offer product.

New eCommerce Website for Floorcoat UK

The website handles stock control, allowing only products in stock to be added to the basket, and also alerting business owners of low stock levels based on pre-determined thresholds.

The shopping basket can be viewed, and edited by the customer and it can handle coupons. Within the basket, there is the option to ‘Continue Shopping’ or ‘Proceed to Checkout’. As the customer progresses through the checkout process the shipping is calculated based on shipping rules and criteria identified by Floorcoat UK as part of the set-up of the online shop. These shipping rules can be updated at any time. When making a purchase customers have the option of creating an account or ‘checking out’ as a guest.

WooCommerce handles almost all aspects of the sale including various email communications to the customer, such as order acknowledgement, order confirmation, and order progress emails. All communications, though automated, can be personalised to include bespoke text, graphics, and logos.

The website handles all payments securely via the payment gateway of your choice. Floorcoat UK uses PayPal as its payment gateway which means customers can pay for their goods safely and securely with all of the security features available through this highly reputable payment platform. Payment can be made using a PayPal Account or a debit or credit card and PayPal handles the transaction in its entirety before returning the customer safely back to the Floorcoat UK website.

The Floorcoat website includes a number of ancillary pages used to house important information such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Returns Policy, and Shipping and Delivery Policy. Links to these informational pages can be found in the website footer.

New WooCommerce Online Shop for Floorcoat UK

The Floorcoat UK business logo features in the website header. Also in the header are the telephone number, My Account, and the basket icon. Social Media icons, which link to Floorcoat UK’s Social Media channels, are available in the website footer along with a selection of quick links.

A secure online contact form is accompanied by a full address, and contact details on the Contact Us page.

A blog allows Floorcoat UK to independently add the latest news items to the website. These could include new product launches, announcements, special offers, tips, ‘how to’ guides, industry news, etc. Blog posts can include text and a number of images, including a featured image, and a snippet of introduction text in the blog roll with a ‘read more’ link to access the full post.

The website by its very nature contains lots of relevant keyword-rich on-page content however recent work has included some analysis of the website performance, a review of keywords and keyword research, and competitor analysis with website development proposals based on the outcome of our findings.

We continue to work with Floorcoat UK to ensure their website performs well and supports their business. please visit their website at