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A complete website overhaul for long term Pedleyonline customer NCL Office. The new website has been developed using WordPress meaning the sky’s the limit in terms of expanding the site and introducing new functionality. The new site is responsive / mobile-friendly which means it can be viewed and navigated with ease from a phone, tablet, or computer.

The NCL website is huge! Organising the content well and providing excellent navigation options was key to it’s success. The sheer size of the site means it has many pages of unique, relevant content that focuses on specific products and services which is excellent for customers and for Google.

The new website is widescreen with changing image sliders on key pages that add impact. The wide layout allows more room for content to be displayed and the navigation and hierarchy means content is sensitively embedded meaning it can still be found easily and everything doesn’t need to be crammed onto just a few pages. Various horizontal menus, contextual menus, anchor text links, and image panels as well as footer links all help visitors navigate around the website intuitively.

The NCL branding was freshened up and use of the green accent colour means the website is striking and memorable and has identity. The NCL website is on-message, professional, and easy to use which means it’s more likely to convert visitors to customers. Contact details and links to social media available from every page in the website head. A clear call to action to get in touch or buy products on each and every page and of course full contact details and a secure online contact form on the Contact page.

It also ranks! Good practice SEO throughout. There are many factors to success for ranking well on Google and of course there’s always more that can be done but updating, tending to, and contributing to your website is very important.

New to the NCL website is a News section that allows NCL to add New Items themselves. This enables them to introduce new products, promote existing products and services, special offers, industry news etc. All new, high quality, unique and relevant content is good!

The flexibility offered by the new design and WordPress interface has allowed NCL to respond quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic with important Coronavirus messages placed on the site, the introduction of new departments for PPE, Perspex Safety Screens etc and also News Items providing information on remote working and also getting your business workspace Covid safe.

It has been a pleasure to work with NCL on their fabulous new website and we look forward to continuing to support them in the future.

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