NCL Office Website Refurbishment!

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3rd April, 2020

A massive website refurbishment for longstanding Pedleyonline customer, NCL Office aka Nick Cannings Ltd.

The website has been converted to a mobile-friendly / responsive framework along with many many more website improvements – new content, graphics, images, refreshed branding, a blog, and a widescreen layout!

The new NCL logo and branding is both striking and memorable with a green accent colour in use across the site. The new widescreen layout has allowed us to re-design the site with new graphics, larger images, image sliders which add a dynamic element and impact to the homepage, and other key pages.

The NCL website is a big site, therefore it was essential we organised the content and intuitive navigation was key. At the top of the site is a horizontal navigation menu, with further contextual menus and image panels leading to key products and services. There’s also a new search facility to help you jump straight to content relevant to your chosen keyword. The contact information and links to social media are in the website header so visible at all times. Each page features a clear call to action to either place an online order or to make further enquiries.
NCL Office Website BirminghamThe size of the website allows for detailed information that focusses on individual services, meaning on-page content is specific and relevant, providing good information and knowledge for both customers and to help the website rank well. All website content was reviewed and improved by NCL in conjunction with the site refresh using great care to ensure it is unique, well written, and useful.

Departments include Office Furniture, Office Workspace, Stationery, Office Relocation Services and Storage and more recently Protection and Worksafe products such as safety screens and PPE.

The NCL Office website is developed in WordPress which means it is very flexible in terms of future development. It is possible to add additional content to existing pages, add new pages, blog posts, new categories, adding temporary messages or information or to add new functionality to individual pages or across the entire site. There’s not much that cannot be achieved with this framework.
NCL Office BirminghamA new feature to the NCL Office site is the addition of the News section. This is essentially a blog or notice board to report on the latest industry news, new products, special offers, safe working initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The News section is a great way to attract visitors to the site and provide information and to direct people to further information and purchase opportunities on your website. The news section can be used in conjunction with social media channels but is also a great way of expanding the website with new content and linking related content.

Like most businesses, NCL Office experienced some changes due to the Coronavirus and the new website and the flexibility it offers allowed them to respond quickly to update their customers on new procedures such as contactless delivery and new product offerings such as PPE, Perspex Screens and Office Dividers, Hand Sanitiser and other return to work safely initiatives. The News section also allowed them to communicate on remote working and the availability of welfare products to help reduce the likelihood of virus transmission.

Your website is essentially a business tool, often the first point of contact with a potential customer and a way to communicate and engage with your existing customers. NCL’s re-design was well-timed, planned, and executed. The website is professional, on-message, navigates well and provides lots of clear and useful information, all of which are important in creating a good first impression and converting a visitor to a customer.

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