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20th June, 2012
Size does-matter

Wow! We just realised our waffling powers have reached new heights and despite being launched only 18 months ago the current version of the Pedleyonline website has grown to a whopping 330 pages of web design gold!

Where’s it all come from we hear you ask? (OK, so you may not have actually asked but we’re going to tell you anyway! = more pages!)

Our web design portfolio has grown as we’ve taken on new customers = new pages

Our customers are satisfied and have sent in excellent reviews about us which we’ve added to our site = new pages

We been asked questions by customers and decided to add them to our web design FAQs to help others = new pages

We’ve waffled on in our Web Design Blog about new launches, celebrations, tips n tricks = new pages

We’ve started offering more services such as SEO, CMS websites, email marketing, Social Media for Business. We’ve updated our website with the details = new pages.

We’re helping customers in local and surrounding areas such as web design and SEO Redditch, Droitwich and Birmingham and we’ve developed pages just for them = new pages

….but it’s not just a numbers game is it? Customers and Google alike want to see good quality, relevant and unique content. An up to date, well maintained website is absolutely essential if you are to compete online and in this day and age, for most industries, online is where it’s happening!

Website updates Bromsgrove

It seems our waffling has paid off and is deemed good quality waffling too because Google has indexed around 80% of our high quality web waffle and is regularly presenting it to prospective customers. Prospective customers are reading it and the waffle works because we’re getting calls, meeting new customers and producing new websites = more to waffle on about = more pages!

The Pedleyonline top tip for online success is to invest in your website and keep it well maintained and current. We’ve tried and tested it for you and we know it works.