Midland Motor Homes Website

Midland Motorhomes Website

A new website for Midland Motorhomes, an online brochure site selling the Motorhome holiday experience.

Key Website Objectives:

  • Create a new logo
  • Portray a professional image, welcoming and friendly
  • Easy website navigation, regardless of the device being used
  • Elegantly display a large amount of information, easy to read and interpret
  • Showcase the high quality accommodation a luxury motorhome provides
  • Generate leads and convert website visitors to holiday bookings

First steps included producing a number of logo concepts for feedback and taking one forward to completion.

Easy navigation was achieved through responsive design and improved organisation of website content. Appropriate information being presented contextually and in some cases also held centrally, for example pricing.

We created individual pages for each of the motor homes within the fleet with the full fleet line up acting as a hierarchy page ‘Our Fleet’. Motorhome pages bring together images, occupancy recommendations, descriptions and key features as well as pricing details.

Additional pages contain information about Motorhomes features, Optional extras and pricing with the features page includes a series on images in a lightbox gallery.

Pricing information was improved and streamlined through use of tables and the centralisation of common information.

The homepage has a full screen width image which provides dynamic content through use of a changing image holder. There are multiple navigation options including a top horizontal navigation menu, panels with clickable images and headings and a selection of links presented in the website footer. Links to social media and a good number of call to action opportunities exist throughout the website pages.

Two individual secure online contact forms have been created for Booking Enquiries and Contact Us. These pages also include useful information about location and the process for viewings and bookings.

Web hosting is provided by Pedleyonline.

Please visit – www.midlandmotorhomes.co.uk