Louis Quail Photography

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1st June, 2014
Louis Quail Photography Website

Louis is a documentary and editorial photographer with many years experience working for a raft of top magazines (From Sunday Times and Telegraph magazines, to Marie Claire Magazine)

Increasingly, Louis is looking to exhibit his work and follow long-term and personal projects. His work has taken him to conflicts and disaster zones like Haiti, Libya and Afghanistan where he has explored the theme of aftermath using interviews in addition to pictures.

He is experienced in commercial work with advertising and corporate clients, celebrity portraiture and is available for assignments from both editorial and commercial sectors. Louis also lectures part time.

Louis’ new website is built using a content management system, WordPress. This allows Louis to make updates to the website himself independently. WordPress is also a well established and developed platform which means there’s lots of scope for site development in the future if required to include introduction of new design elements, layout and functionality.

Louis Quail Photography Website

The website is completely expandable meaning Louis can introduce new portfolios, categories or simply add or remove photographs from existing galleries. He can also add information about an image or choose to re-order images within a gallery.

The design and navigation for this project is very clean, simple and intuitive allowing Louis Quail’s stunning photography to be the focal point. The onus was on providing flexibility and choice for the viewer. Louis had a very clear idea of how he wanted his new website to function and we worked closely with Louis to gather his requirements and achieve his aims.

The horizontal navigation provides access to ancillary pages such as About, News, Blog, Contact Details and displays social media icons – more on these later.

The vertical menu lays out the various portfolios with several galleries available to choose from.

Within each gallery there are a number of ways in which to view Louis work.

Initially the series of images are displayed individually using a large proportion of the screen with the option to scroll to the next and previous image. There is also the option of switching to a slideshow view which means the progression through the series will be automated with the option to change the speed at which images are viewed to be either faster, slower or to stop the slideshow on a particular image. Finally there is the thumbnail view which when selected tiles the entire portfolio on screen in thumbnail sized images. when clicked on the image is displayed individually on screen at a larger size as described above with the option to scroll to the next or previous image. The viewer can switch between each of these views depending on their preference.

Louis Quail Photography Website

An introduction page is available for each gallery and is accessed via a link on each and every page within the gallery. The introduction page has notes from Louis providing background information about the project to include his objectives, inspirations and observations. The introduction page is available regardless of the display choice with easier navigation back to the images within the chosen portfolio.

Each image has a caption associated with it which provides key information about what can be seen and the viewer has the option to switch the captions on or off.

The About page has photograph of Louis Quail himself, the man usually behind the camera, and a short bio followed by contact details.

Blog links to Louis’ existing active blog, also developed in WordPress. This communicates Louis Quail’s latest activities, photography, news and views.

Louis has both a Facebook and Twitter profile which he uses in conjunction with his website to promote his work. Facebook and Twitter icons on the website provide links to his social media pages and links back to his website are available from the aforementioned profiles.

Visit – www.louisquail.com