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17th January, 2021

Labels n Things is a new eCommerce website selling garden supplies to gardening enthusiasts and garden suppliers nationwide. Their range includes a wide selection of gardening accessories and essentials that include plant labels, pest control products, garden markers, garden twine and supports, greenhouse fittings, thermometers, and everything in between! It has been a real pleasure working with Julie and Peter to help them transform their online shop and increase sales.

Bromsgrove based, Labels n Things contacted us with their initial enquiry for an online shop for their existing garden supplies business. We spent time with them looking over their existing website and talking about why they wanted a new website, what they hoped to achieve, the key functionality required, and the types of products they needed to represent. Although the existing website was an online shop they wanted to increase sales and we felt this was achievable by improving the professionalism and usability of the site and by the better display and organisation of their products. This would make their full product offering more visible to customers visiting the site, converting more visitors to customers and see an increase in order value.

Labelsnthings e-commerce website BromsgroveAll of the eCommerce websites created by Pedleyonline are developed in WordPress and use WooCommerce, which is a WordPress plug-in used to achieve the functionality for an online shop. The product line up for Labels n Things is varied, and this was easily handled by Woocommerce with product categories that form departments within the shop. Many of the products have variations, for example, they may come in different sizes, and each size has a different price, however fundamentally they are the same product. Again, WooCommerce elegantly handles product variations with the creation of one product with a drop-down to select the required size or colour, or whatever the variation choice may be, and presenting the correct price to be taken into the customer’s basket for checkout.

In fact, in our experience, there is very little that WooCommerce cannot accommodate in terms of complex products and shop functionality. It is exceptionally flexible and can be tailored to meet the shopowner’s needs, providing a pleasurable and easy shopping experience for customers.

The shopping experience is equally good regardless of the device being used to access the website. All of our websites are of a responsive design which means that customers can navigate and purchase from a mobile phone or tablet as well as a desktop computer or a laptop.

Payment for goods is handled by payment gateway provider WorldPay, though there are other options available. Goods can be paid for securely using a debit or credit card and WorldPay is responsible for the security surrounding the transaction. When an order is placed, WooCommerce generates a series of communications including notifying the shop owner of the order and various customer communications as the order progresses and is dispatched. All email communications and invoices are optional and can be personalised.
New website for Labels N ThingsOn the subject of security, Labels n Things opted for SSL Web Hosting provided by Pedleyonline and recommended for almost all websites and most definitely for those with eCommerce.

Our WooCommerce Dashboard provides a wealth of information about the eCommerce functionality on offer and answers many of the frequently asked questions about setting up an online shop. Additionally, please feel free to contact us to discuss your eCommerce project and we’ll be happy to provide you with help, advice, and estimated costings to consider.

In addition to the garden supplies shop, Labels n Things have included a Blog within their website which is ideal for adding regular new content to their website. The blog can be updated independently by Labels n Things with posts about new product launches, gardening hints and tips, seasonal information about what’s happening in the garden now, industry news, and upcoming shows.

Prior to launch, once the website was fully developed and the shelves stocked we provided a number of short training sessions to help Labels n Things master shop administration. Tasks such as adding new products, amending products, and viewing and administering orders were all covered along with adding new items to the blog.

Re-directs were implemented when the new website went live to ensure no website traffic or any Google ranking were lost. Anyone attempting to visit the old Labels n Things website would be safely redirected to the new website. We also submitted the new site to Google and other search engines.

Within a short time of the website going live we were delighted to receive feedback from the business owner to say how pleased they are with the new shop, their customer feedback was positive, and that they had already experienced an increase in sales.

We have completed a number of eCommerce projects and helped many businesses to sell their products and services online. Take a look at our web design portfolio here and don’t forget our WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions for more information about what’s possible and answers to frequently asked questions about selling online.

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