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12th December, 2016

The new Kookaburra website is a responsive/mobile friendly design showcasing the inspirational ideas available from Bromsgrove Kitchen and Bathrooms specialists Andrea and Chris Drewitt.

It’s predecessor was also a Pedleyonline creation, developed several years ago and Kookaburra felt it was time to re-model it and make some improvements – we feel it looks ‘Inspirational’ with a capital ‘I’

Key areas improved are the overall appearance of the website, refinement of content and also the streamlining the navigation. The new site is mobile friendly and fully responsive which means it can be viewed and navigated easily from mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

New responsive website for Kookaburra Kitchens Bromsgrove

Within their industy, inspirational design is something of utmost importance, combined with great functionality and of course backed up by first class customer service. This was something that Kookaburra were keen to continue through to their website. With this in mind the brief was for the website to look amazing, function well on all devices and to provide customers with all of the information and inspiration they need and in all the right places.

The new design is contemporary and stylish with refreshed branding, horizontal navigation and a widescreen layout which means content has more room to breathe. As you might expect, Kookaburra played a large part in the design aspects of this project and the website took several weeks to develop with the emphasis on ‘getting it just right’. Kookaburra make no secret of the fact that they are perfectionists! Early stages of the project included discussion around website strategy and also the Kookaburra ‘image’ which was addressed with the creation of a ‘mood board’

With the overall image of the website agreed, we began to work together on a revised layout and a new framework was created ready for the addition of content. This included the horizontal navigation bar which allowed wider pages and more space for elegant display of content. Many of the contextual navigation options were added in as the site developed for example, the Bathroom page links to Bathroom Case Studies and the Bathroom Gallery and this was applied consistently across the site – making relevant content available in appropriate places. In other words, intuitive navigation.

Kitchen website web design

Bitesize sections of the website were discussed, designed, developed and delivered. We worked on the website in a test/development environment allowing Kookaburra regular access and previews and the opportunity to review and feedback. They effectively project managed the website install with the same attention to detail they apply to one of their kitchen installations.

Much of the content from the previous website was retained, though a process of refinement and improvement took place before applying it to the new framework. The previous version of the site was ranking well for the appropriate keywords and phrases for the locations required and this was also taken into consideration when developing the new site and making the transition from old site to new. Site rank was retained successfully on going live.

Bathroom company website design

In terms of converting the sale the new Kookaburra website is like walking into a gorgeous showroom and being helped by attentive, knowledgeable, confident, style-aware assistants who want to help you to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. The combination of widescreen lifestyle images, kitchens, bathrooms and galleries provide great inspiration whilst case studies and customer reviews demonstrate competence and customer confidence.

The new Kookaburra website may have been a longtime in the making but it was certainly worth the wait.

Please visit – www.kookaburrakitchens.co.uk