Jucy Frooty Website

The New Jucy Frooty e-commerce website means customers and retailers can sniff out and checkout the new name in air fresheners – Jucy Frooty.  Apparently they’re so juicy you can almost taste them!

Early stages of the website included work to develop the branding design which was based on the customer’s well formulated and developed ideas.  The ‘image’ of the website was discussed at length so we knew where to go with it once the build began. Vibrant colours and product images, a textured background in a dark colour to accentuate the bold colours and their jucy-ness!

The website is responsive and mobile friendly website which means it will display appropriately according to the type of device being used to view it – particularly important because these days an increasing amount of surfing and online purchases are performed from mobile devices.

Homepage slider housing a series of slider images with overlaid graphics. This adds an eye catching dynamic to the site, particularly with such bright and colourful imagery.

The online store includes all 6 key products with product images, prices and add to cart buttons.  The cart shows shipping information and prices and common shop navigation options of ‘continue shopping’ and ‘checkout’

Simple e-commerce website with payments securely handled by PayPal. The website has been developed using WordPress.  The website is predominantly aimed at the wholesale market and could be used as a brochure site / selling tool as well as an e-commerce shop for both trade and retail customers.

Links to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are also included.