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20th March, 2014
Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Website

Not just a website but a true showcase of the transformation possible with the help of non-surgical hair replacement specialists Invisi Hair.

Birmingham based Invisi Hair are experts in bespoke non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems, Hair Laser Therapy, Hair Regrowth and Hair Thickening Treatments. The website includes inspirational before and after photography, comprehensive and informative text content and a friendly yet professional image which is particularly important for what could be considered a sensitive subject.

The Invisi Hair website’s resources include embedded video content for the Nick Clark Evolution Hair System, downloadable brochures, comprehensive FAQ’s and detailed information about the many solutions and treatment options available along with supporting research documentation.

Invisi Hair Website

Ancilliary pages include terms and conditions, cookie policy, privacy policy, postage and returns policy.

The About Us section of the website expands into several pages of information about the Invisi Hair Clinic, The Invisi Team of hair integration specialists and stylists, the founder and MD, Nick Clark, who is himself a hair loss sufferer and Invisi Skin Original Cuticle Hair Replacement Systems and Hair Fusion Polymers.

Website functionality includes embedded video, downloadable pdf documents, a secure online contact form, horizontal menu with drop-down contextual options, e-commerce functionality, fading image banners, footer links, image panels and bespoke graphics all creating navigation links to key areas of the site.

The online Invisi Hair shop allows customers to purchase Hair Replacement Maintenance Products online. All transactions are handled safely and securely by PayPal.

Invisi Hair Website

Although based in Birmingham, Invisi Hair attracts and welcomes interest from hair loss sufferers nationwide and invites website visitors to make contact to book a consultation or to request more information about their services and hair treatment products.

A large, professional, well constructed, intuitive, inspirational website. The site has been built using good on-page search engine optimisation techniques.

The Invisi Hair logo was designed by Pedleyonline under close guidance from Nick Clark at Invisi.

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Invisi Hair Website