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19th February, 2019

Invisi Hair had a long established website from Pedleyonline which was performing well and still looking pretty good. The site had been around for a while so had good longevity and the opportunity for all content to have been indexed by search engines and Google.

With a wealth of relevant and unique content covering all aspects of their hair restoration services and detailed information about their industry the site was rich in good quality content. The one area we wanted to improve was to make the site mobile friendly to make accessing the information easier, particularly from mobile devices. The new version of the Invisi website has been upgraded to a responsive framework which means it displays and navigates well on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This conversion also provided an opportunity to re-style the Invisi website, making it wider and lighter which has given it a fresh new look and made the information easier to view and read.

A series of discussions took place to plan the upgrade. Requirements, aims, timings, costings and a strategy for the transition from old site to new.
Invisi Hair Responsive Website
The key objective was to make the website responsive and to ensure that there was no negative impact on the website ranking or it’s ability to convert visitors to customers and clients.

As part of the planning process we discussed a strategy for transition from the old site to the new version and this included retaining all content, images and pages. We also ensured smooth transition by using 301 re-directs – this reduces the chance of any impact on the website’s ranking on search engines and also means that where someone may be trying to access an old webpage that they will be safely transported to the new equivelant webpage.

The majority of the content was retained although some of it was refined and improved. This means that the information which has served both Google and visitors / customers well until now continues to be available but is more elegantly displayed which creates a far better experience for someone visiting the site.
Invisi Hair Products and Online Shop
All images were resized to take advantage of the extra screen space and optimised for smaller mobile devices.

New images and graphics have been introduced which has given the website a fresh, new, up to date appearance. Dynamic content in the form of a wide-screen changing image banner creates interest and overlaid graphics provide signposts to key information available across the site.

With the inclusion of the Invisi hair loss blog we were able to move more informational content into archived blog posts, keeping the main pages clear to present the hair replacement services on offer.

The new website also included the development of a full e-commerce store using WooCommerce to provide the shop functionality – which now includes a much needed search facility for finding products. There is also a password protected Trade Log-in area.
Invisi Hair E-Commerce Shop
The top horizontal drop-down menu was retained and streamlined to help organise the vast amount of information available from Invisi.

Strong branding is evident across the website with clear links to the Invisi social media channels.

To see more, please visit the all new –