Holmes Electrical Oldbury Re-wired!

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24th September, 2011
Electricians Oldbury

Don’t ever ask me to re-wire a plug for you or change a fuse…I get a little confused with my fuses!

Holmes Electrical certainly know their stuff though and it’s been a pleasure working with them combining our expertise with theirs to create a website that reflects all aspects of their electrical business.

Holmes Electrical provide domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services, installations and repairs throughout Oldbury and Sandwell.

Established in 1981, Holmes Electrical didn’t have a website and came to Pedleyonline following a customer recommendation (Install-a-Floor strikes again! – thanks Andy)

We worked with the existing Holmes Electrical branding and the website is now online.

Visit – www.holmeselectricaloldbury.co.uk

Holmes Electrical Website

Website includes:

  • Holmes Electrical Homepage
  • About Holmes Electrical Oldbury
  • Domestic Electricians
  • Commercial Electricians
  • Industrial Electrical Contractors
  • A gallery of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical projects
  • Customer testimonials
  • An online enquiry form