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25th June, 2013
Hire a Horsetrailer Website

Following the successful launch of the Central England Horseboxes website, sister company, Hire A Horse Trailer, also based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire have invested in revamping their website too (so we must be doing something right!)

Hire a Horse Trailer does exactly what it says on the tin, offering the popular Ifor Williams Horsetrailer for hire for as little as £45 per day.

The website is full of useful information to help anyone looking to hire a horsebox and includes a Home page, Benefits of hiring, Trailers available to include detailed horsetrailer specifications, Hire prices, Hire conditions and Contact us, which is a secure online contact form.

The changing image banner shows a selection of photographs of the rental horse trailers available, we’ve created a logo/web banner design which is synonymous with the sister company Central England Horseboxes thus suggesting a brand, bespoke graphics, secure online contact form and basic on-page optimisation.

Hire a Horse Trailer Website

Links from Central England Horseboxes to Hire a Horse Trailer and vice-versa mean that these guys have got all of your horsebox needs covered!

Hire a Horse Trailer and Central England Horseboxes are a long established, family run business with strong equestrian roots and providing all types of equine transport.

Hire a Horse Trailer Website