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30th September, 2011
Halloween Fancy Dress Shop

I’ve watched more than my fair share of horror movies (from behind my cushion) and I reckon with a little help from Bromsgrove Fancy Dress specialists Balloon Box that I could make quite a convincing Zombie!

Don’t even think about suggesting I don’t need any help from Balloon Box…I’m one of the modern fast moving ’28 Weeks Later’ style Zombie’s not the old school sort and I will catch you!

And just in case Bromsgrove isn’t taken over by Zombie fever, there’s a whole range of ghoulish fancy dress outfits and accessories available ranging from traditional witches, vampires and ghosts through to those horror movie classics such as Friday 13th and The Texas Chain Saw Masacre!

Ok, so I know we’re still in September (just!) but Halloween is only a few weeks away and to get a perfectly horrifying outfit you really should head down to Balloon Box Bromsgrove before some knife weilding maniac (outfit sourced from Balloon Box Bromsgrove) beats you to it!

Balloon Box Bromsgrove Fancy Dress Website

Fancy Dress Costumes for adults and kids, accessories, trick or treat goodies, balloons and party gear are all available. Bromsgrove Fancy Dress specialists Balloon Box have recently added more lines to their fancy dress website which shows just a taster of the outfits available.

Visit www.balloonboxbromsgrove.co.uk

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