Gliderpro Window Cleaning System

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20th December, 2012
Gliderpro Website

A small eCommerce website promoting and selling 6 products using a simple cart and PayPal. A concise two page website for a new to the market window and glass cleaning system, Gliderpro.

The Gliderpro homepage has a introduction and demonstration video produced and directed by the business owner which shows the cleaning technology in action. The Gliderpro Starter Kit is featured with the option to add to cart and with links to ancillary products on the main product page. Secure payment is made using Pay Pal which allows use of a Pay Pal account and also switch, debit and credit cards.

A series of 12 images displayed in a lightbox show how to attach a Gliderpro wrap to the mop. Simply page through the images to find out how it’s done.

Gliderpro ecommerce Website

The product page holds all 6 products, product information and images, prices and Add to Cart. When a purchase is made the shop owner will be notified via email so they can acknowledge the order and despatch the goods.

Due to the small number of products, the small size and the simplicity of the shop functionality required, this eCommerce website has been built using HTML code. A relatively inexpensive way to test the market for any new small business or product without breaking the bank or opening an unnecessarily flashy shop!

This website is a very clean shop window for this new innovation in glass and window cleaning products and we wish Gliderpro every success.

Gliderpro ecommerce Website