Floorcoat UK E-Commerce website

Floorcoat UK Website (eCommerce)

Floorcoat UK is the one-stop shop for professional floor sanders!

A full eCommerce website built in WordPress and using WooCommerce to handle all of the functionality associated with product display and sales, Floorcoat UK sells a wide range of high-quality flooring products including Abrasives, Primers, Lacquers, Stains, Floorcare and Cleaning products, and much more.

The customer brief for this project was to build a professional-looking, full eCommerce website to promote the Floorcoat UK brand and increase sales of their products.

Floorcoat business owners have the facility to add, amend, and remove products within their online shop. They can also independently add blog posts to launch products and share industry news, tips, tricks, advice, and much more.

The great thing about having an online shop is the minimal running costs associated with selling online compared with selling on a commercial platform such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. There are no selling plans, referral costs, or fulfilment fees. The only costs involved with running your online shop are your annual web hosting, domain name renewal (every two years), licence fees for any bespoke plugins used to deliver specific non-standard functionality and fees associated with certain payment gateways.

We are continually working with Floorcoat UK to develop their website further, tweaking existing content, and adding useful new content as well as new features and functionality.

Please visit – Floorcoat UK

  • WordPress eCommerce Website
  • WooCommerce for eCommerce functionality
  • Customised Shipping options
  • Choice of Payment Gateways
  • No monthly running costs*
  • Ability to update products yourself
  • ‘My Account’ Customer Log In
  • Many common shop features e.g. sort, search, related products
  • Multiple products organised into departments
  • Comprehensive product pages
  • Special Offer Bar
  • Optimised for key product types
  • Blog/Latest News Section

*excludes annual running costs which include web hosting, domain name renewals, licence fee for bespoke plugins used to deliver specific non-standard functionality, and fees associated with certain payment gateways.

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