What is The Pedleyonline Guide to Getting a Website?

The Pedley Guide will take you through the whole web design process from the moment you think ‘I need a website’ right through to seeing your completed site online.

It’s a very basic guide but our Frequently Asked Questions hold more detailed information about many aspects of the process.

One of the first steps is to think about your domain name, this is your website name, your web address – for example. www.yourbusiness.co.uk.

Try to keep domain names fairly short, if it’s too long people will find it harder to remember and also there’s more chance of them mis-typing it.

If you have some ideas for your domain name let us know and we can check availability for you, make suggestions and secure the domain names for you.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Domain Names for more information.

Web hosting is something we can organise for you if you’d like us to.

Web hosting is the storage, connectivity and services necessary to make your web site accessible to the world. It’s the space for your web site, web hosting give your website a place to live.

If you want us to arrange your web hosting then you don’t need to give this anymore thought. If however you want to organise your own web hosting it’s important that you let us know at the very earliest opportunity.

See our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Web Hosting for more information.

What do you want the website to do, what’s its purpose, and why do you need it? It might be that you need a website to be an online business card or advertisement? Your competition has websites and you need to be online to compete? You might want to promote an organisation or to display and sell the products and services you offer to a whole new online market?

There could be lots of reasons to have a website, but it helps to set a goal or an objective and to understand what you want from a website. It helps with focus and ultimately means you are more likely to build the web site you want and need.

It often helps to do some research when considering the look and content of the site as this, along with easy navigation will contribute greatly to its success. Look at other web sites that you like, think about the things that work and the things that don’t. Are they easy to navigate? Do they show the information clearly? Take a look at the website your competitors have created. What could be improved? Tell us about the websites you like and about your competitors’ web sites too.

Do you already have a company brand or identity? If you do, share it with us. If not then now’s the time to create one with our help. It’s time to start thinking about your company image, selecting colours etc. Pedleyonline offer a full range of design services and we can create a brand for you to be applied to your website and other business stationery.

When considering content for your web site remember that the text that appears on your site should be well optimised for search engines. By well optimised we mean that it should be well written, up to date, relevant and rich in key words. Don’t worry too much about this because in most cases you’ll have this covered anyway – people who are passionate about their business, striving to succeed and investing in a web site rarely set out to write out of date, irrelevant, poorly written content. We’ll check over everything you supply and suggest any revisions that we think may help.

Pedleyonline can also offer assistance with any Design and Print requirements you may have such as business cards and business stationery. Visit our Design Portfolio for examples, see more information about our Design Services or view our FAQs relating to Design and Print.

For more information about Search Engine Optimisation visit out SEO Information or see our FAQs relating to SEO

Once you’ve decided how you want the site to look, it’s function and you have a rough idea of the page content – the next step is getting all of this information to us.

It’s always best if we can receive information electronically. Sometimes e-mail is appropriate but in most cases we’ll send you an invitation to share a folder on Dropbox. Dropbox is an online storage solution, it’s free and very simple to use. If you’re not familiar with Dropbox please don’t be concerned, we can talk you through it.

Dropbox is essentially a virtual folder which is accessible by you and also by Pedleyonline. Simply pop any photos, logos, text and documents into the shared folder and we’ll be able to view them almost instantly.

If you don’t have access to a computer and cannot provide information electronically then please supply us with the actual photographs and documents and we’ll scan them in or type up the text for you.

Please be aware that this can be a slightly slower process and depending on the volume of work it can push the price up a little too.

By this stage we should have a very clear idea of the website required and a final quotation can now be given for the work. It’s common practice to receive 50% payment at this stage and we then invoice for the balance once the site is completely finished to your satisfaction.

Here begins the process of turning your ideas and content into a fully functioning website complete with bespoke graphics, working menus, online forms (if required) and navigation. During this process we’ll keep you informed of our progress, clarifying any points as required and sharing snapshots of the new site with you to check we’re working along the right lines.

Towards the end of the project we’ll normally set up the email accounts and email forwarding as required.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on E-mail / Mailboxes.

Once you have approved the website we can upload it and make it available to the online world! Your new website is now online!See our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Web Hosting and also learn more about Search Engine Optimisation.

Your site is submitted to Google, Yahoo and MSN. We can do this for you. We recommend you submit your site to any relevant websites or indexes regularly as this helps get your site listed and ranked higher on the search engines. Usually after 3-4 weeks our new websites are detected and listed on Google. We also recommend you promote your site through any advertisements, business cards and printed stationery. For more information on Search Engine Optimisation please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Pedleyonline can also offer assistance with any Design and Print requirements you may have such as business cards and business stationery. Visit our Design Portfolio for examples, see more information about our Design Services or view our FAQs relating to Design and Print.

Depending on the type of website you have, the only running costs are your web hosting which is paid once a year and your domain name renewal which is paid once every two years.

You have a web site to be proud of but you need to look after it. Keep your web site up to date and accurate; promote offers, new services and products. If you need to get your web site updated please Contact Us to discuss the changes and to get a quote. Our web sites are designed to be expandable so you can always add new pages and new functionality as required.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for Web Site Updates for more information.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions