Whether you want to make a minor update to text, add a new photo to your homepage or add an entire new section to your web site we’ll be more than happy to help. Simply e-mail the changes, photos and/or text to us and we’ll provide you with a quote for the updates.

If your updates are extensive or if you’d like to talk through them with us please give us a call to discuss them. Sometimes it’s good to meet up to talk through the details.

Some of the website we build are content managed websites which means that certain updates can be made by you the business owner completely independently. If your website is content managed you will be aware of it because we’ll have discussed this when it was first developed and we’ll have shown you how to make updates. Please Contact Us to discuss your updates.

Simple web site updates are charged at an hourly rate which is pro-rated by the minute. This means that you only pay for the time it takes for your updates to be completed. For instance if you need to change your phone number or e-mail address this would only take a matter of minutes to update and that’s all we’d charge for – just the time it takes. There is no minimum charge. In all cases we’ll let you know how much the updates will cost upfront before going ahead with any work.

If the updates are more extensive or complex we’ll review what’s required and provide you with a quote to complete the work before going ahead.

If you’d like a quote for some updates please Contact Us – it might not cost as much as you think.

Depending on the type of website you have you may be able to make minor changes yourself.

At Pedleyonline we offer different types of sites, some of which can be updated by the business owner and others that can only be updated if you have reasonable knowledge of HTML coding. In most cases unless you’ve specifically asked us to design a website for you to update yourself, you’d need to ask us to make updates for you. In these cases we’d recommend you Contact Us to discuss your needs.

If you’ve asked us to help you develop a website that you can update yourself then it’s most likely that we will have developed your website in WordPress. Once the site is ready for launch we’ll hold a short, informal training session with you to show you how to make updates. You can still ask us to make changes for you if necessary however we will obviously have to charge for the time they take to complete.

The other instance is an e-commerce website where you would have the ability to make certain product changes yourself, such as price amendments, availability of goods etc. Again, we’ll make sure we show you the ropes so you’re confident at making these simple changes yourself at your convenience.

Where we are making updates on your behalf, to save time (and money!) on your updates we recommend you send any new information via-email or by using Dropbox. However we can scan any photos and manually type documents if you need us to.

When you are deciding what type of website you need you should consider the frequency of updates, the type of updates and also your time, availability and competence when it comes to making these changes yourself. It may be best to leave it to the experts. We’ll ensure your website is kept in tip-top shape and ready for business while you concentrate on running your business!

There’s lots of ways you can expand your site. Here’s just a few ideas of how you can get information to your customers via your website.

1. FAQs – Write out those questions you keep being asked and provide clear and comprehensive answers to help your customers.

2. Additional pages expanding on specific products or services – tell them exactly what they’ll be getting in detail and make sure you have the space to do it by dedicating a whole page to it.

3. Guides – particularly good for guiding your customers through a process thus answering many of their questions pro-actively.

4. Blog – why not blog about it? A more relaxed informal way to share information and latest news with your customers.

Other ways to engage your customers include social media

How much time are you spending answering the same questions over and over?
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We can certainly look at it for you but it’s going to be tricky! Also – if we’re completely honest we can’t promise not to talk you into an upgrade to a posh new Pedleyonline built web site!

The fact that you’re considering asking us to update a site built by someone else is a good indication that you either can’t or don’t want to continue working with your original web designer. If we can help with your current site then we will but if not, there are always other options to consider and hopefully we can help clarify things for you.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions