In most cases people will be able to view your site via their mobile phone or device however their experience of viewing it will vary greatly depending on the phone and website type.

For more information please take a look at our FAQs for responsive/mobile friendly websites.

We’ll be happy to give you an estimate but we’ll need to ask a few questions about your requirements. If we can collect more detail from you we can provide a more accurate quote.

There’s lots of factors which will affect the cost of your website including the number of pages you need, the level of functionality required and how interactive the site needs to be, whether or not you want to sell products on your website and also the amount of graphics works required.

Contact Us today to get a quote or visit Our Prices to get a ballpark figure.

It depends how large the site is and how complex it is. We’ll agree implementation dates with you at the beginning of the project. If you have any key dates by which you need to ensure you are online please make us aware of these during your initial enquiry.

It’s always nice to work with local companies but we work successfully with clients based across the whole of the UK. Many of our customers have recommended us to others and the area we cover has grown over time. We can communicate by phone and email and it’s not always necessary to meet face to face.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions