It really depends on what you need, the level of design required and the number of concepts you’d like to see. We usually work on an hourly rate of £30 an hour.

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Please Contact Us to talk through the changes you need to make.In most cases we should be able to simply amend the artwork and supply you with a new disk or email the revised work to you. Generally amendments don’t take very long and we only charge for the time it takes to complete the work. Once you’ve outlined your changes we’ll be able to provide you with a quote.

The preferred format for printers will be a high resolution (300dpi) Adobe PDF – this is pretty much the industry approved format and you should be able to take it to any print shop. We’ll make sure the artwork is set to the correct resolution and if the design requires any bleeds or cut marks these are included. We can also supply artwork in standard formats such as .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff. Finished artwork is supplied via disk or email.

Yes of course you can and you’ve come to the perfect place because at Pedleyonline we can not only help with design work but we can also help you to get online. We’ll ensure that your company brand is applied consistently to all of your stationery and your web site portrays a really professional image for your business.

If you intend to get a web site we’d recommend you make us aware of this as soon as possible and especially if you’re considering getting some stationery designed and printed.

Although the web site needn’t come first it’s always a good idea to check availability and secure a domain name (web address) before going to print on a business card or similar. If the domain name is not available you may be able to reconsider your company name for something that is. On the positive, if your chosen domain is available you can include the web address on your new literature and save on future design and print costs. Whilst your web site is awaiting completion we can always help with a simple holding page.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Domain Names for more information and if you’re considering a web site try The Pedley Guide.

The design will be owned by you. In the main we’re working to your instructions although we are more than happy to take creative control if you’re lacking inspiration! Either way, once complete, the design is all yours!

If you have a particular image in mind please let us know about it when we initially discuss your requirements. We may need to discuss any copyright issues with you before agreeing to use the image.

If you actually need to photograph the physical item then you can either do it yourself and provide us with the image in one of the formats described above or we can help with simple photography assignments too. We’re not professional photographers by any means but we’re not bad!

Oh dear! We urge you to thoroughly check all artwork before going to the printers. Unfortunately Pedleyonline cannot be held responsible for any errors but we will help you by revising the artwork. We don’t want to kick you whilst you’re down so if it’s very minor we may even be able to amend it for you free of charge – you’ll no doubt be spending your money on re-printing costs and drowning your sorrows!

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If it’s a Pedleyonline design then there’s a good chance we’ve got a version on file – we’re terrible hoarders! If not and you really don’t have access to the original artwork electronically then we can help re-create the work for you. You could even take the opportunity to freshen it up a little and invest in a Pedleyonline facelift! Once created we’ll supply the work to you on disc or via email in a format suitable for printing and we always retain a version here at Pedleyonline so you’ll never get caught out again in the future.

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